The Secret Psalm - an Ancient Love Poem to Jerusalem

The Secret Psalm
How was the decision taken which psalms to include in the Biblical canon? If the Septuagint (the Greek translation of many Hebrew biblical books) contained 154 Psalms, why does the canon only have 150? 

What if there were more Psalms? 

In fact, there are. In 1956, with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a further four psalms - heretofore unknown - came to light. Of these latter four, one is an ancient love poem to Jerusalem. Ever since its discovery, it has been the interest of few scholars and archeologists - some scholars called it an Apostrophe to Jerusalem, others called it the Alphabetical Song to Jerusalem. But it remained in the hands of academics, scholars and archeologists, and was never been brought to the attention of the world at large.

The aim of this website is to make this Secret Psalm public so that all people who love and pray for the peace of Jerusalem can enjoy the amazing beauty of this ancient biblical psalm.

"I recall thee for a blessing, O Zion, with all my might have I loved thee. Blessed be thy memory forever. Great is thy hope, O Zion, peace, and thy longed for salvation shall come. Generation upon generation shall dwell within thee, and generations of the devoted shall be thy glory. They yearn for the day of thy salvation, and will rejoice in thy great honor..."

With these immortal words, the biblical-period psalmist begins his devotion to Jerusalem, his beloved city.

A true-size replica scroll of the original Hebrew text with an accurate and meaningful translation is now available in a variety of media;

- Embossed on acid-free high quality archival paper board
- Limited edition print on hand-made acid-free paper
- Engraved by hand in Jerusalem Stone and embedded upon 1cm thick reinforced frosted glass (with stand)
- Engraved in hand-stained fortified glass (with stand)

Read on to learn more about the mystery of the Secret Psalm, the new translation, and how you can order this unique product for yourself or your organization.


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